• Drake:*driving*
  • Me:*singing along to the radio until Take Care ft Rihanna comes on*
  • Drake:...Do you want me to change-
  • Me:No. It's cool.
  • Drake:I can just change it I know how you feel about it.
  • Me:Honestly, Aubrey it's okay, I'm not upset, you didn't even know me then. I mean, you would have if you read my letters but you were so busy back then, I understand...
  • Drake:...Okay...
  • Me:*clears throat and stares @him in silence throughout the rest of the song*
  • Drake:I knew I should've changed it.
  • Me:What? I can't look at my husband now? Aubs, I love the song. I'm not mad. I promise.
  • Drake:*reaches over and grabs my hand* Alright.
  • Me:Now, can you hand me my cd binder?
  • Drake:*hands it to me* What you tryna listen to?
  • Me:My most favorite rapper in the world.*hits him in the arm*
  • Drake:*grins* You tryna be all nice to a nigga*
  • Me:*puts cd in* *Bring Your Whole Crew blasts thru the speakers*
  • Drake:...
  • Me:I love me some DMX! I just wish he and Common would collab now that would be hot!
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shoutout to Sam for letting me paint a sunset on him

i freaking love this omg can i have a boy who will let me be his canvas omg please


An then touch her like that

Looking for the hoes


photographer : alfred m. muteti
model : naressa valdez 
agency : la models
stylist : tatiana orr
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  • White people:We don't want any black people in our clubs, bars, parties, restaurants, schools, government, banks, neighborhoods, or offices
  • Black people:Well fuck ya'll then. We can go start our own shit that's just for black people and nobody else.
  • White people:......
  • White people:Wow, excluding people based solely on their skin color? That's really racist and I am personally offended. How would you feel if we did that to you?
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Adobe falls, San Diego